our story

HAPPY WAGON is essentially a passion project [with the hope that people will start to love what they drink]. We focus on sustainable, ethical wines from Australia. There are three ways you can get involved. 1/ Join the monthly subscription where a three pack will be delivered to your door, complete with tasting notes or 2/ Buy single bottles in the online store or 3/ Come to one of our bi-monthly events at Stowaway. Or be a wine guru & do all three.

We love wines with a bigger picture in mind. Meaning Mother Earth. And we believe there are others out there who do too. That’s why we created this online site which heroes tasty, artisan wine. We want to encourage people to start having conversations about where the drops they drink come from. There is a human behind the wine. A farmer. A craftsperson. An artist. But most of all - someone dedicated to keeping this land green. All wines supplied by Happy Wagon are made by winemakers who care about the earth & the legacy they leave behind. And they are all small batch. So big thanks to supporting local farmers of Australia.

We’ve sampled, spat & sucked back enough drops to pick the creme de la creme for you each month.

We donate a cheeky $3 for each pack sold to Take 3 For The Sea. An ocean initiative dedicated to eradicating that pesky thing - called single use plastic. And if you have any more ideas where we can help Mother Nature, please holler.

Happy days.


wine tastings

Oh no you didn’t. Oh YES we did.

Every few months we organise Wine Tasting events inside Stowaway, our favourite little venue in Freshwater.

These tastings are a killer way for you to meet the maker, try different varietals - and chat with other like minded humans. Hey. It could even be like playing real life tinder?

If you are keen on rocking up to one of our next tastings - then follow us on the GRAM.

We also offer a Happy Wagon tasting menu on Stowaway’s list on weekends. We provide the tasting notes & the wine. The Stow kitchen provides the cheese. What a happy union? Cost below.


$35p/p - 3 wines (80ml each), tasting notes & a cheese board (min 2pax per tasting menu).

Offered: Saturday & Sunday until stock runs dry.